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The attorneys at Curcillo & Maclay have an interest in your future happiness. We are dedicated to representing our divorce clients strategically and compassionately. Even the most difficult of cases can be made tolerable by the guidance and counsel of an experienced and dedicated divorce attorney.

It is necessary to obtain a lawyer as soon as possible when there is a pending divorce or separation of marriage. If you believe that your assets are at risk, it would be in your best interest to contact Curcillo & Maclay as soon as possible to determine your rights. 

Pennsylvania has a no-fault divorce. This can be done in a rather streamlined fashion assuming that all of the parties agree to the outstanding issues. No-fault means that there is no need to prove who is right or who was wrong in the marriage. 

If you have concerns requiring your or your assets' protection, our experienced team of divorce lawyers will be able to analyze your case to determine whether you are eligible for or have a right to custody, alimony or support.

Alternatives to Litigation

Attorney Lindsay Maclay is trained in collaborative lawA collaborative practice family lawyer is trained to work with clients going through a divorce and the opposing lawyers to help the clients guide the outcome of the divorce. 

Often times, the expense of litigation can be intimidating. A collaborative lawyer aids the process, so that the parties reach a fair settlement that binds the parties to an agreement and outcome, without the cost and burden of litigation.

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