We'll Handle Your Child Support Case

Understanding the Child Support Regulations

Parents have an obligation to pay for the maintenance of their children. A child is entitled to have support coming in to provide the financial opportunity to thrive and live their life without financial struggle. Our experienced family law team is prepared to fight for your children to ensure that they get the support they need and the opportunities they deserve.

We recognize the financial support concerns that exist for many of our clients, and we stand ready to help litigate on their behalf to ensure that the child receives only the support that is fair and just under the laws of Pennsylvania.

Thorough Child Support Assistance

When considering a child support case, the courts will look at many issues in the award of a custody and support order. The court will consider: the number of children, the income of both parents, the medical needs of the child, the educational needs and childcare costs. We, at Curcillo & Maclay, are available to review your support and custody situation with you to determine whether or not support is something that you should be receiving, or whether or not it is the court order that may need to be reviewed. If the court is ordering that you pay too much support, the attorneys at Curcillo & Maclay stand ready to challenge this order and appeal your situation to allow for more just and fair payments.

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