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Any company or law firm can tell you how outstanding they think they are, but you have to hear from clients and customers to get a real idea of their services and performance. Read through some of the reviews below. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled, highly talented attorneys. 

Top Notch Attorney!

Attorney Maclay is honest and straightforward. Many times, during my case I contacted her about details written in the Custody Stipulation. She always told me her opinion and helped me make the best decisions my children - even if they weren't what I originally thought. I respect the fact that she was willing to point out both sides / choices even if one choice wasn't "in my favor." I would recommend her (and I already have many times) to anyone!

The "Godfather" of Criminal Law!

Joe has defended my fiancée in the past and again today. I never understood exactly how great he was until today! This man is so cool, calm and collected. He makes things seem so less stressful! Needless to say, my fiancée received NO jail time for a 60-day mandatory charge! He's UNBELIEVEABLE!!! I would recommend him to anyone who is facing hard times!!! THANKS JOE!


I hired Fawn Kehler as my attorney in November 2016. Ms. Kehler represented me at a preliminary hearing and, due to her attention to detail and in-depth knowledge about my case and about the law, she was able to present facts that resulted in the charge being dropped.

Ms. Kehler also represented me at a second court hearing and again due to her knowledge about my case, her attention to detail and her knowledge about the law, she was able to present facts that resulted in the charge being dropped.

Fawn was very professional with her interactions with me as her client and was also very professional at the preliminary hearing and the court hearing. Fawn exhibited confidence when speaking to the prosecution teams and during cross-examination. I would definitely use Fawn Kehler to represent me should I ever need an attorney in the future.

I highly recommend her to anyone that needs legal counsel.

If You Need Legal Advice I Suggest You Call Lindsay Gingrich Maclay

Divorce is a traumatic time for anyone. Lindsay's professionalism and knowledge of the law and its application to my specific situation were crucial to my ability to concentrate on the facts and not my emotions. My case was handled quickly and efficiently, allowing me to get on with the business of living.

I appreciated her consideration of my time and resources and would call her in a minute if the need arose.

The Best Lawyer in PA!

Joe is the MAN! I was facing 34 years on a robbery charge. The case didn't even make it to trial! He's calm and collected. The man makes you feel at ease! He's worth every penny. The best lawyer in PA, hands down!

Absolutely Perfect!

Ms. Kehler was fantastic through the entire ARD process! From start to end, she was thorough and inspired confidence in a time where it was much needed! Through her, things went as smoothly as expeditiously as possible.

Dedicated and Caring Representation!

I first hired Attorney Maclay in early 2003 to handle my custody case. Our case has lasted for years, not due to issues with my lawyer, but issues with my ex. Attorney Maclay and the rest of the law firm have stood by our side through all of our ups and downs.

From the beginning, she has been very straight forward to me about how the processes would work, our chances of succeeding, and which battles to fight versus which battles to concede to. In the darkest times of my frustration with the system, her ability to keep a calm and collected environment allowed me to refocus on what I needed to do to ensure my child came home with as little issues as possible.

Through the eight years that Attorney Maclay has handled my case, she has believed in her work. She has believed in the case. She has believed in the better life we sought for my child. Through her dedication to my family, she has become a part of our family; something you may not find in many attorneys. You will be hard pressed to find another attorney who dedicates their time to each and every case the way Attorney Maclay does.

He Fought Hard for Me!

Joe fought hard but kept me advised very well. He taught me what I needed to do and made me comfortable with my decisions. There were tough decisions, and he was there for me.

Endangering the Welfare

Fawn was the answer to our prayers. Confident and full of compassion, she was the rock we needed to lean on. Charges were dropped and we were able to put our family back together.


Fawn was so comforting and assuring that she would do her best job in assisting me through a possible DUI. As you can imagine I was scared and had so many questions, but she never made me feel like she didn't have time. She assisted me every step of the way! And she was able to get all charges dropped!

Great Attorney

Fawn is a very compassionate, caring, and honest attorney. She is very well prepared and is very responsive. She listens to your concerns and takes the time to explain things. I would highly recommend her. 

Excellent Lawyer

Fawn was very attentive and would assist with any questions I presented regarding my case. She was upfront and honest during the process. She made me feel comfortable with the decisions I had to make to reach the best possible outcome.

Great Lawyer! Very Attentive

Upon meeting Fawn I was very nervous about my specific case details. She worked effortlessly to help calm my nerves and assured I would get the best outcome possible. Through all of the court cases and countless meetings, Fawn was always on time and prepared.

She also always emailed me prior to the date, assuring I was in good hands. I would highly recommend Fawn and would certainly come back again if I ever again run into trouble.

Excellent Attorney

Fawn was very dedicated to helping me from the moment I walked into her office. She was very upfront and helpful with the legal system. She was great at explaining everything. She was very thorough on everything she did for me. She helped get me the sentencing I was hoping for in respect to the legal system.

I would highly recommend Fawn to anyone who needs help with a DUI.

Review on Fawn Kehler

Fawn helped me on a case that I had this past year. She was wonderful. Any time I had a question, she was right there to get me the answer. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for legal help.

Child Custody

Fawn handled my case with great professionalism and was extremely knowledgeable with the PA custody laws. I was always reassured that I was making the right decision for me and my daughter. After long negations with my ex-husband, we reached an agreement and Fawn was with me every step of the way.

Good times and bad times, I knew when I called for information she would have it right away. And in the end, I knew I had made a good choice in lawyers because the decisions and agreement were in my favor. I would recommend Fawn to anyone in a tough custody battle.
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